3 Hot Senior High School and College Reunion Stories

Sign up for those Crest White Strips and blow-dry your own bangs, it’s reunion period! If you’ve ever watched a reunion show on Bravo! you are aware a reunion way

any such thing

can occur and scandal usually ensues. Because, for the most part, what the results are in Reunionland stays in Reunionland. Listed below are three stories about high-school and college reunions which happen to be much more salacious than white wine and small talk.

I Connected With My High-school’s Bad Kid

I was involved to an individual who, deep-down, i did not actually want to wed. I found myself in my own later part of the 20s and believed very conflicted with what I


do with my existence and everything I


related to my entire life. We’d been together six decades … and by now all I could think of had been with other men. Though we never ever acted about it, however a bad signal.

This desire concerned a head within my ten-year high-school reunion — kind of an unofficial summer thing my personal friends manage every July. My highschool’s “bad boy” was actually there, Brent (perhaps not his name but a name like that) — he had been the terrible son from a broken house with a good heart. We had made out in high school but never ever slept together, and I also constantly lusted for him. Chances are, he’d a local blue-collar work and I ended up being a fresh York woman involved to a corporate attorney. Every Little Thing about Brent ended up being sexier than my personal fiancé. The concept of cheating on my fiancé don’t really bother me morally. It absolutely was anything of a What Happens at high-school Reunions Stays at senior high school Reunions. We deliberately didn’t receive my personal fiancé to come calmly to the reunion because I type of had a feeling i desired to rebel truth be told there.

We were consuming a large amount and flirting, Brent and that I, after which the time had come your after-party. We went to someone’s mother or father’s residence by the lake (same location we would party as kids) and now we just got lost, every person there was clearly wasted. For some reason Brent and I also finished up into the master suite and now we started setting up. I gotn’t kissed anyone else in six years! It believed entirely magical. Like, mind-blowingly best that you kiss some one new and be handled by brand new (better) hands. We imagine it decided exactly what performing heroin for the first time feels as though. We’d extremely good sex that evening, from time to time. I believed no shame. And that I gone back to ny with a smile back at my face. We never ever told my fiancé, but used to do call off our very own wedding a few months later on. It obviously was not correct. This is certainly awful but we heard Brent went along to jail for organizing a TV at someone, a couple days after our very own reunion. I’m not sure if that’s genuine, however. He’s not web.

I Think We Watched My Personal Straight Husband Blowing The world of gay Friend

Inside my 20th school reunion, someone offered my spouce and I edibles. We’re not container smokers and we also’re type of nerdy, bookish squares. But we planned to have a great time … it absolutely was our very first weekend away from our baby girl, therefore we went for it. The reunion party was at a big outdated residence in this little brand new England town. We got extremely all messed up.

I mean, I became running around and freaking completely. And my hubby was missing out on. The unusual part was, I didn’t know if he had been missing or if I became only so messed-up that I imagined he had vanished in some terrible scary-movie kind of way. In a moment of understanding, We moved inside coatroom area of this big residence … because I thought We saw him in or just around there. He was indeed there with your good friend from school who’s now honestly homosexual. I will never know certainly, but i believe I saw my husband blowing him. We went away as the entire thing merely bugged myself away plenty i possibly couldn’t handle it. I found myself truly freaking around then. I didn’t understand what was genuine or perhaps not. I found myself seeing additional odd situations too, like a break-dancing puppy (which I think ended up being someone’s solution animal). And also the wine I happened to be having held morphing into Jell-O shots. In hindsight In my opinion we had been actually drugged, not only super drilling at the top of edibles.

I wandered to all of our local rental household close by at one point. I texted my hubby in order to meet me personally indeed there. The second thing I realized, it had been like 7 a.m. and that I woke upwards from the rental household experiencing like me again. My husband was at bed close to me. When the guy woke up, we confronted him by what I noticed. He mentioned it never took place. Which he scarcely watched our very own pal, the homosexual man, at all that evening … and that he was there together with brand new partner anyway. I think my hubby would let me know reality. I am quite open with your situations (I got a lesbian summertime girlfriend as soon as, like most liberal-arts grads). I’ve sorta shelved the reunion evening in how straight back of my personal head. It has been 10 years therefore have actually two a lot more young ones and a pleasurable life, incase any person had been to blow a stranger it might probably be myself, perhaps not my better half, in any event!

I found myself Hoping for New Sexual Encounters

My reunion happened very lately. I’m an individual, straight woman which attended an all-girls university with a giant population of lesbians. In college, I experienced a boyfriend at a neighboring college, therefore I had been with him always. I installed at his school alot more than mine … thus I never really got exposed to the lesbian culture at my class. I never ever also existed on university because I hired limited apartment with my sweetheart quickly. Given that I’m just one girl in Brooklyn, desperate for a significant man, i have seriously considered online dating women. Opening my possibilities. What better way to try the waters than my university reunion with all the current smart, sexy, remarkable lesbians I graduated with?

Due to my work, though, the actual only real reunion event i possibly could get to was this lantern-lit cocktail party under a big tent. We heard that has been the only everybody was browsing anyway. We drove in only soon enough, and unloaded all my things at a family member’s home right near there. We showered and shaved and thought giddy contemplating flirting with the girls. I was nervous but it was actually good nervous power. When I reached the tent, we instantly felt extremely afraid. Not merely had been we walking in all by myself, but i did not have any friends meeting me personally there. It decided the first day of college yet again. I went directly to the club. Soon enough I saw individuals I knew and it also became just a little simpler to socialize. We had been combined down and there were much more right married couples than I was thinking there’d be. The ladies have been blatantly queer didn’t look too appealing to me personally (and based on not one person hitting on me, I happened to ben’t too attractive to them).

We nursed one glass of wine and made a decision to leave early. It wasn’t the lesbian fuck-fest I would fantasized in regards to. It had been just annoyed and dull grownups creating small-talk. We returned to my cousin’s location and felt truly lonely. I then switched all my online dating sites programs to “bisexual.” Recently I have a romantic date with a lady — my personal first ever — lined up and I’m truly excited. Perhaps the reunion will create some thing unique after all.

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